2603, 2019

Which one Led chips will you use?

26 3 月, 2019|

As far as we have learnt, there are many famous LED chips brands as following: The foreign brands: Nichia, Cree, HP, Toyoda GeseiCo, Toshiba, SDK, Philips Lumileds, luxeon, Smileds, Genelite, Osram, Gelcore, Bridgelux, Seoul, Epivalley and etc. The china mainland brands: Silan, AXT, LM, San’An, Epilight and etc. The china taiwan brands: Epistar, Huga, Genesis Photonics, Arima Optoelectronics, AOC and

1103, 2019

The Reference Number for LED Light

11 3 月, 2019|

There is a rather difficult problem that many people may not know about. That is what the reference number means for LED lighting. And will the numbers infect the light performance? The reference number is telling you the maximum lighting intensity the lights can make. Measuring by the maximum intensity in candela, it can tell you whether the light is

803, 2019

What are DOT & SAE approved LED lights?

8 3 月, 2019|

What is DOT? Let's get started by defining what exactly DOT is. DOT stands for the Department Of Transportation, which is a government agency that is devoted to transportation in USA and Canada ( In Canada, it can also be called Transport Canada and "E-Mark" in Europe). The DOT sets standards and regulations for nearly all components of a vehicle