The Reference Number for LED Light

There is a rather difficult problem that many people may not know about. That is what the reference number means for LED lighting. And will the numbers infect the light performance?

The reference number is telling you the maximum lighting intensity the lights can make. Measuring by the maximum intensity in candela, it can tell you whether the light is powerful or not. If a pair of headlights which have17.5 as the reference number, a pair in total is 35.

So now you will ask whether the high reference number is better. Headlight like the high beam with low reference number can spread light more widely than that with the high reference number, while high beam can reach farther with high reference number than the low reference number. So, when you choosing lights, you need to consider what situation you will use them for. Lights with the high reference number will probably fit for the long straight road. And lights with the low reference number will be ideal for winding roads, like mountainous cities or villages.

The places you put the lights with different reference numbers also need to consider. Lights with low reference number should be put in lower places like bumpers or hood. While lights with the high reference number are better put in higher places like windshield or roof. That can make the lights work better for you.

If you think these figures can help you, you can refer to the seller and I’m sure they will give you these data.